Abby Profile


Breed: Alaskan Malamute Mix
Age: 2 yrs
Size:  59 lbs
Health: Healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: A family or person offering a loving home, room for a fairly large dog and willing to brush a sweet, furry guy!


Jerry is a stunning two year old black Malamute mix with the most amazing blue eyes and beautiful white markings. When you see Jerry, it will be love at first sight and even more love when you see how sweet he is. Jerry came to LCAL from Rancho Cucamonga, where he was picked up as a stray. When he showed signs of kennel stress in the large shelter,  LCAL stepped in to bring him to our adoption center.

His initial assessment at the previous shelter showed a dog who was very calm and peaceful in the presence of humans.  He was social and accepting of handling, including his muzzle, face, ears, body and feet.  He also did well on his assessment regarding food and toy possession.

When interacting with other large dogs, Jerry seems calm and playful.  He displayed some extra energy and feistiness with smaller dogs, although he may have just been excited to meet a new little guy. As he spends more time with us, we will learn more about his behaviors with humans and other animals. 

Jerry will need some practice on leash walking, but from what we have seen, he only pulls lightly. He is a little nervous at first in a new situation, but warms up quickly and seems to be a people lover. He has been easy to brush, even when his fur was a bit matted. Jerry gets jumping and looks very interested in chasing birds, so he may need some training to keep his prey drive in check. 

Once in a stable environment, this beautiful love will bring so much love to your home.