Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 3 months
Size:  9 lbs
Health: Recovering from surgery of a fractured femur, overall healthy

Ideal Match: A family looking for an energetic puppy to love!

Meet this sweet puppy, Joey. Joey came to LCAL from Bakersfield Animal Care Cener where he presented with a fractured femur that was causing him a lot of pain. LCAL stepped in to help him get the surgery he needed and find his forever home. Joey is a sweet puppy who can be quite a cuddle bug. He has usual puppy energy and is food motivated, which makes training loads of fun. He quickly learned his name and is working on his recall, sit, heel, and place. Like any puppy of this age, his training sessions are short and frequent but he is picking up on things quickly and engages easily. Joey readily goes into his crate and does well in there for periods of 3-4 hours at a time as needed. He is doing well on his potty training and if taken out on intervals of 3-4 hours, is about 95% there. He is social with people and while he has had limited time around other dogs, seems to do fine with others of the canine persuasion.  He can be a little “pushy” at times but if it is made clear that his attitude will not bring what he is demanding, he concedes and shows the ability to be patient.

He is currently on activity restrictions while he heals which means he is either in a crate, in a small exercise pen or on a leash since he is not to be running, jumping, climbing, etc. He  had his first follow-up with his surgeon a few days ago who said he is doing great.  He will be seen in another couple of weeks for Xrays to check the healing and if all looks good, will be released to increased activity levels. Once he recovers from his surgery, he will be ready for adoption. We will keep you updated as Joey starts feeling better and we see more of his personality.