Sex: Female
Breed: Belgian Malinois mix
Age: 7 years
Size: 50 lbs
Health: Good, spayed

Ideal Match: A home that enjoys walks and snuggles. A yard is a plus!


Karma is such a sweet goofball. Indoors she is the cutest, quirkiest, sweetest teddy bear. She’s super gentle and she loves people and cuddles. She always wants to be around someone. She’s very mellow, but is ready to run and play in a moments notice. Outdoors she is a bit different. Her nose never stops sniffing, she forgets humans exist, and she just wants to sniff all of the smells.
She needs continued leash training (she pulls trying to get to the good smells), but she is smart and improving quickly. 

Karma loves other dogs, but sometimes a little too much. She wants to play with other dogs so badly that sometimes she doesn’t realize if they don’t want to play with her, and that can lead to some less than friendly interactions, even if she doesn’t have bad intentions. If she got a chance to spend some time with/get to know another dog, I know she would love to have a playmate.

She knows not to go potty inside, but she doesn’t like pooping on a leash. If you have a backyard this will be no problem; if not just be watchful and give her plenty of opportunities to go outside as she continues to learn.

In summary Karma is an amazing, cute, and loveable dog. She loves being outside and sniffing the world around her, but could use a little help learning to walk better on a leash. Indoors she is remarkably well behaved for possibly being a stray her whole life and LOVES people, getting pet, attention, and cuddling.