Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 5 years old
Size: 65-70 lbs
Health: Good, rear limb issue to be evaluated, to be spayed prior to adoption

Ideal Match: TBD


Kayla is brand new to our rescue. Our first impression is that she has a sweet personality and is absolutely gorgeous. We will update with more information after we have had more time to get to know her.

Her medical intake is pending, but she appears in good health aside from a rear limb issue that we will be evaluating. More info to come once we know more.


💚🧡💚 Kayla 💚🧡💚
Kayla was pulled from San Bernardino county shelter and she was with us for 5 days. And in those 5 days, she stole our hearts. Her beautiful colour, and her beautiful soft eyes that led into a beautiful soft soul. Her story is horrific. That’s the only word that comes close to describing it.

We knew she had some mobility problems with her back legs and she was incredibly thin. We hoped we could help her. Fatten her up and get her some rehab. It’s what we do. Her X-rays showed us just how awful the world is. She had a bullet (yes, an actual bullet, someone shot her 😢) lodged in her spine, and one in the soft tissue of her thigh. The bullet in her spine was causing problems with her back legs, and there was clearly nerve damage since Kayla couldn’t pee. VSH recommended muscle relaxants and manual expression of her bladder. We tried and tried, and she was the perfect patient, just laying there for hours, happy to just be with a person. She was admitted to VCA on Friday for a catheter, and antibiotics to get her over the severe UTI, and again today, they tried to express her bladder. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done and Kayla appeared to be in pain. With the help of the wonderful, caring, and dedicated Dr. C, we made the difficult decision to send Kayla to The Rainbow Bridge. She was happy, loved, snuggled and safe for 5 days at least. I hope they were the best 5 days of her life, despite her pain and challenges.