Breed: Shepherd Mix
Age: 5 months
Size: 30 lbs
Health: Pending Intake Exam, will be neutered prior to adoption

Ideal Match: TBD

Koda was part of a four dog transfer from Wasco Animal Shelter and boy are we glad this group made it to LCAL! All 4 dogs are dog and people friendly dogs, really loving and very manageable sizes.

Koda has the brains of a shepherd but is much smaller than your average shepherd mix. Koda is a true puppy and very sweet and playful with humans and other dogs. Koda loves giving kisses and hugs and will need to be taught not to jump up. Within minutes of hand feeding Koda here at the kennel he was able to understand that in order to get food he needed to be settled in a sitting postion. Koda is highly trainable and workable but will need a family who is ready for puppy energy and training. Koda would do well with another dog as he seems to be quite high energy. Though he has not been tested with kids we believe he would do fine in a home with children! This little guy will go quick so if you are interested get your app ASAP. We are still waiting on Koda’s medical intake exam but at this moment we know that we will need a neuter surgery which we plan to schedule as soon as possible.