Breed: German Shepherd mix
Age: 2 years
Size: 83 lbs
Health: Healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: German shepherd savvy home looking for a partner to work and have fun with!


UPDATE : Kylo has completed his board and train program and is eager to move on with life.  He has gained so much confidence and emotional control during the time in his training program.  Early work was focused on building attention to handler and trust while initiating basic obedience work.  As his attention to his handler increased, distractions and other challenges could be added to his obedience training to increase his level of execution.  For example, Kylo had the challenge of another shepherd barking on command within feet of him while he ran on the treadmill or Kylo would be working on recall with another shepherd lying on a cot nearby.  Outings in the community included attending the regional IPO trials in Ventura County where many high energy working dogs were showing their skills and an evening to a cafe on the coast with another shepherd.  

Kylo would be a great dog for someone who is looking to get involved in dog sports, even IPO.  He shows drive and enjoys working. We do not believe he could live, free roaming, in a multi-dog home.  He is capable of being around other dogs when working and when he has a job to do.  When left on his own, he is not comfortable with other dogs and does not know what to do or how to behave which sets him up for a bad outcome.  He could live in a multi-dog home using a crate and rotate schedule.  

He is a favorite of his trainer’s and she says if she had more time and more hands, she would keep him as she has really fallen for him.  It is important that his new adopter learns about Kylo’s training program and what has been done with him to date so they can continue with his program.  His new adopter will meet with his trainer when adopting and will have access to her for free training and support for Kylo’s lifetime.

Let’s get this handsome guy in his new home!! Are you ready?


Kylo is a handsome guy looking for a family experienced in German Shepherd behavior and needs. He is smart and athletic, and will benefit from plenty of exercise and a calm, confident human who will lead and provide structure and boundaries. Kylo is currently in a board and train program where he is working on basic foundational skills and he is doing very, very well.  He is working on his basic obedience as well as important skills such as impulse control and remaining attentive to his handler, especially in highly distracting situations.  We are so pleased with how he is coming along.

We were told he had lived with another dog in a previous home but when he came to us, he did not seem all that comfortable around other dogs.  He is building confidence in his training program which combined with his attention to his handler is helping him realize that dogs in the area are OK.  

Kylo is food motivated and toy motivated.  Not only is he fun to work with but he is also fun to watch when he is in working mode. His new home will need to be committed to giving him the time and attention he needs to continue building on the skills he is learning at this moment.  With that time and attention, he is going to be a wonderful dog!

Kylo is not a dog for a first time shepherd owner and if there are children in the home, they need to be 13 years of age or older.