Breed: Mastiff
Age: 4 months
Size:  35 lbs
Health: She has cherry eye (prolapse of the nictitans gland) which will soon be addressed through surgery; otherwise, she is a healthy normal puppy

Ideal Match: Someone looking for a Mastiff to love!


Lucy is described by her foster as a sweet, affectionate, mellow dog. She loves a good belly rub and having her front legs stretched after a good nap. Speaking of nap…she is a great sleeper! She sleeps through the night and does not wake anyone up in the house. She is crate trained and will spend up to 4 hours in the crate without a complaint. By how her foster describes her, she sounds like a laid back girl who is just looking for her forever family to chill with.

Lucy is about 20 weeks old and already weighs 46 lbs. We expect she will be a big girl, but will not feel so big with her mellow spirit! She was originally at Animal Friends of the Valley when LCAL was called to help with her medical needs. She has a significant cherry eye on the right which is a prolapse of the nictitans gland (gland of the third eyelid). She has been seen by an eye surgeon and is scheduled for surgery in early March.  

Lucy has shown us that she is a smart, quick learner who is easy to train. She is treat motivated and picks up on commands quickly. Any time she begins to engage in any unwanted behavior, she quickly responds to a redirect and treat. She was observed to pick or bite at the carpet a couple of times, but the foster parent successfully redirected her to a chew toy and no longer sees this behavior. We think she will easily learn the rules in her forever family’s home and will want to play by those rules to make everyone happy!

Could this sweet, mellow girl be the friend you are looking for?!?!