Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 1 year
Size: 40 lbs
Health: Pending Intake Exam, will be spayed prior to adoption

Ideal Match: TBD

Luna was part of a four dog transfer from Wasco Animal Shelter and boy are we glad this group made it to LCAL! All 4 dogs are dog and people friendly dogs, really loving and very manageable sizes.

Wow! Whoever adopts Luna will be a lucky person. She is sweet, excellent on leash and knows basic commands. As a border collie mix she is most likely high energy, smart and has a motivation to please her person. Luna has shown us that she can be both bouncy and excited as well as cuddly and mellow. Of the 4 dogs, Luna seems to be the most comfortable taking directions from people and we assume she has had some training and socialization in the past. When we took her out for her initial walk she walked right at our side with a loose leash! Like any dog she will need a family who can build on these skills and create an environment where she can thrive. Luna will be an excellent companion for an active person who wants to take their dog with them on hikes and adventures. We are still waiting on Luna’s medical intake exam at which time she will be spayed.