Breed: Husky Mix
Age:  1 year
Sex:  Female
Size:  50 lbs
Health: Good – To be altered prior to adoption

Ideal Match: A calm, patient and loving household where Lupo can grow into a confident, secure friend to her adopters


Lupo can be a little shy at first, but doesn’t hold back affection after a sniff. She does like to jump up but she is very gentle with hand feeding and responds to sit and down. She is young and needs behavior training to curb such tendencies to counter surf.

She is willing to get into her crate without issue, and does pretty well on leash although she does need training in this area.  To her credit, she doesn’t pull forward on the leash or resist redirection/corrections. She gets excited to see other dogs walking by but not super interested in meeting them through a gate. She mostly gets vocal when she is separated from people or when the people with her aren’t interactive. She seems to like toys, rolling around and pouncing on the dust mop when I’m sweeping. Very playful and also likes playing tag around the room.