Sex: Male
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Age: 2.5 years old
Size: 60 lbs
Health: Good, neutered

Ideal Match: Active home dedicated to training


If you are looking for an active dog who will work for your affection and praise, this is your guy!  While Max isn’t really treat motivated, he definitely enjoys being with people. He is an intelligent and active dog who needs an owner that will exercise him both mentally and physically. With a dog as smart and energetic as Max, taking him to basic obedience classes or to regular pack walks will help with bonding as well as with continued training, mental stimulation, physical exercise, and socialization.

Max needs a dog-savvy owner who is able to set solid boundaries while developing a positive relationship with Max.  He has a history of guarding his person and requires an owner who is able to provide consistent, fair, and reliable leadership to him.  

Max would probably do best in a home without other dogs.  While he is not “dog reactive or aggressive,” he shows no interest in interacting with other dogs and will go out of his way to avoid interacting with other dogs if forced to do so.