Breed: Boxer
Age: 11 Months
Size:  49 lbs
Health: Healthy

Ideal Match: A Boxer lover or anyone who loves a high energy, wiggly boy!

Monty is a typical, lovable young Boxer puppy. He has lots of energy and loves everyone. Even if you have never met him, he will run to you like you are his long time best friend. His excited energy will make anyone smile, as he bounces around while trying to sit. He will need an owner who can provide him with a good amount of exercise. He will also need boundaries in his home to learn where he can release his energy and where he is expected to stay calm. While he is in a foster home, we will be working on crate training him as we think this is the best way to help him with these boundaries. He will need someone who has the time and energy to provide him with training, but that person can know that he will provide a high amount of love in return.