Mrs. Maisel

Breed: Spaniel Mix
Age: 10 years
Size:  19 lbs
Health: Healthy, spayed, possible vision impairment but not completely blind

Ideal Match: Someone who wants to give a charming senior girl the best years of her life!

Just like her namesake, Mrs. Maisel is a charmer! She entered the previous shelter (Animal Friends of the Valleys) matted with burs, plant debris, and embedded foxtails. Her skin and fur is in much better condition now and one last (benign) growth will be removed prior to intake. She is quite shy at first, but warms up quickly with some love and affection. Mrs. Maisel gets cold easily, but loves to rock a cozy sweater! She has some difficulty with steps and stairs, possibly due to her vision impairment, but she loves to go on walks. She is happy in a crate, but would much prefer to cuddle up with you, or better yet, in front of a fireplace in a nice warm dog bed.