Sex: Male
Breed: Lab mix
Age: 1 year
Size: Large breed
Health: Neutered, healthy, requires occasional anal gland expression

Ideal Match: A family that loves the beach and has another playful dog or two


Murphy is a smart and sweet Lab mix. He loves to showcase his tricks in return for some treats and likes to play fetch and tug. He is a beach dog and his ideal weekend involves running around in the sand and playing with a few furry friends!

As much as Murphy likes to play, he also enjoys his space and will happily curl up on anything soft he can find for a nap. Murphy likes to recharge after his walks by laying outside on the patio and watching the world go by.

When he’s not on a walk or napping, Murphy likes to chew on his toys or sink his teeth into a fresh Himalayan stick. Murphy understands that he may only chew his own belongings and will not touch things that are not given to him.

Murphy appreciates leadership and consistent boundaries. He is very responsive to your emotions and feels most comfortable when you are confident and assertive.

Murphy doesn’t like to be alone in the home and therefore we think Murphy would enjoy living with another pup to keep him company if his owners need to go out.

Murphy is very friendly but can be wary of new human faces, especially in the dark or in unfamiliar places. Your confidence and guidance will help Murphy feel settled in these situations.