Sex: Male
Breed: Terrier mix
Age: 6 years
Size: 16 lbs
Health: Good, neutered

Ideal Match: A calm home with a family that likes to snuggle


Everyone, Meet Noodles! This adorable 6-year-old terrier mix was an owner relinquishment from Animal Friends of the Valley, at no fault of his own. They let us know about this little guy and we scooped him up right away! He is around 16 lbs and very calm, cool, and collected. He is a relaxed dog who loves a good dog bed and a head scratch! 

He is good with other dogs but would do best in a home with an older, calm dog like himself or to be the only dog. The foster home he is currently in has 4 dogs and a bird! Noodle does great with the bird and the two older dogs. As for the two young pups… he just steers clear… ain’t got no time for that crazy energy! Ha! 

Noodle is completely house trained and doesn’t chew on anything. He is also a dream on a leash! You will see him get his wiggles out around food time and on his walks! This dog is a dream and will fit perfectly with any calm household. He loves any person he meets and will make one amazing snuggle bug at bed time. As he gets used to you, you will start to see the more playful side of him. Noodles will be your shadow and best friend, especially if you are headed to the kitchen! 😉 He is very smart. In his foster home, they place his food down on the ground in front of him, tell him wait, and then say “manga” (to eat) and then he goes to eat! No aggression what so ever!