Fostering A Dog With LCAL

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog with Last Chance at Life! Your commitment to bringing a dog in to your home through our foster program allows us to fulfill our mission of saving dogs who are facing euthanasia at a local shelter for a variety of reasons: medical, time in the shelter, age, injury, illness or a variety of other reasons. Therefore, as a foster, you are often going to be your dog’s “last chance at life” and give them the loving home they need while they wait to find their forever home.

Our organization will provide all medical care, medications and preventatives, food, supplies, equipment and training necessary for fostering.

You will provide a comfortable home, safety and love to your foster dog until they find their forever home or until you are no longer able to foster. While living in your home, your foster dog may need you to bring them to adoption events and medical appointments, which will be coordinated in advance with
our staff.

Our foster coordinators, team of fosters and staff are here to support you with your foster dog! We love sharing fun stories and photos and our coordinators and staff are always available to answer your questions, concerns or provide any support you may need.

The process to becoming a foster is easy and begins by filling out a foster application. One of our foster coordinators will be in touch within 24 hours of completing your application to set up a virtual home visit where we discuss our program in more detail. After your home visit is completed, the next step is pairing you with a compatible foster dog and scheduling a time for you to meet them at our adoption center.

Please check out our dogs below and see if your home may be a foster match! If you do not currently see a dog that will be a fit for your home, you can still fill out an application so that you are an approved foster, ready to go, for when the right dog arrives!



Applications Not Accepted for the Below Dogs

Tater Tot

Hospice Foster  Male | Shepherd Mix 6 years; 74 lbs Learn More

About Tater Tot

Tater Tot was picked up as a stray in December 2021 by the San Jacinto Animal Shelter. He is a very sweet, well behaved boy but sadly, he has terminal cancer.  Early examination revealed a benign fatty tumor on his abdomen, but soon after, more were found, one of which was a type of cancer – subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma. Additionally, a cystic mass was discovered on his colon but due to past difficulties in waking up from general anesthesia, the decision was made not to go down the surgical, radiation and chemo routes in favor of giving Tater Tot quality days for the remainder of his life with his beloved Hospice Foster Parent.

About Last Chance at Life (LCAL)

We are an organization dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals in San Diego County and surrounding communities. Most often these animals are facing euthanasia either because they have been in the shelter too long, or due to medical or behavioral needs.  Our focus is medical and local. We take animals of all ages, helping those who have been overlooked — the older, the broken, the not-so-popular — we fix them medically, we nurture positive behaviors, and we seek out forever homes for them, however long that takes.  We are truly their Last Chance at Life.