Breed: Boxer
Age: 9 years
Size: 49lbs
Health: Underweight but no medical reason identified, spayed

Ideal Match: A home looking for a shadow that is shaped like a boxer!


Peridot is a sweet girl having the time of her life in her foster home! When she first came to us, she was pretty quiet and to herself but as she is settling into her foster home, she is starting to show us who the “real” Peridot is. According to her foster, “she is such a big personality, curious, loving, stubborn, and adventurous. She loves to be with you all the time, and if she senses someone is leaving she either stands in front of the door or more recently gets in the car.” 

We have started to see some reactivity on her part when it comes to other dogs.  It has occurred both on and off leash so we are not sure if she can – or should – live in a home with another dog.  

Peridot came to us underweight, weighing in at only 42 lbs. She has been steadily gaining weight and is looking much healthier these days!