Meet Atlas…….the most adorable GSD pup in the world! Atlas is about 6-7 months old and recently joined LCAL from San Diego Humane Society in Oceanside. He was relinquished to the shelter, along with several litter mates, in January of this year.

Atlas is a wonderful GSD pup who came to us at the end of March 2018 with very few dog social skills and no training in manners or obedience.  He has a neurological condition that affects his movement on the left side somewhat and prevents him from knowing where his feet are at times.  As a result, they don’t always land as they should and he scuffs up his toes and nails.  He has been seen by a neurologist and his condition is not believed to be progressive in nature.   He has not worsened in his time with us.  The current plan is to monitor his status and additional testing could be considered if symptoms worsened.  In the meantime, attention to the surfaces he spends his time on is important as hard, abrasive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt can result in open abrasions to his toes.  It will be recommended that he have access to soft surfaces such as grass for most of his play activity.  For extended walks on hard surfaces we recommend that Atlas wears dog boots to minimize the wearing of his nails.

He is currently being fostered by one of our volunteers and board members, Robbin.  Atlas is doing great with his basic obedience skills such as Sit, Down, Place, and Leave It and is walking nicely on a loose leash.  He is attentive to his handler and loves to engage in both training and playing.  He gets along well his foster sister and foster brother and has done great with all humans he has encountered so far.  Atlas is housebroken in the foster home and sleeps in a crate at night. He is in a large kennel indoors by himself during the day when left alone and rarely makes a peep.  Atlas will just make you smile with his handsome good looks and engaging personality with just a touch of puppy goofiness.  His neurological condition does not affect his having fun and enjoying life.  He will be a wonderful devoted companion for someone.  Atlas would be fine as an only dog or with an older dog who has a somewhat gentle play style. He has not had too much interaction with young children but would probably be fine with kids that are a bit older.

On Memorial Day Weekend 2018, Atlas passed his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) program and is now ready for adoption with the groundwork training already completed!  His foster mom has a lot of video footage to show his amazing progress too!


Please contact our adoption coordinators at ‘’ after submitting your online adoption application if you’re interested in meeting Atlas!