Spring is in the air, and it’s time for you to meet our beautiful Blossom the Boxer mama!  Blossom was surrendered to us by a family who took her in as an unclaimed stray a few weeks ago, after they were unsuccessful in locating her family (no one came looking for her).  Blossom got along great with their two other large dogs, and so they decided to keep her and make her a part of their family.  That is … until they noticed her belly growing wide and her milk bags started to fill!  Knowing they were not in a position to take care of a whelping mama Boxer and a litter of newborn puppies, they asked us to take her into our care.  We brought her in, and upon x-ray/ultrasound, we confirmed that she was indeed pregnant with potentially 8 puppies … soon to be born.  Blossom is now in a loving foster home, and she will remain there for the 6-8 weeks while we complete the necessary time needed for the pups to be ready for adoption.  We are not sure what breed/blend the daddy is, but the pups look pretty Boxer-ey!  They are not ready for adoption yet, but if you’d like to submit an adoption application to be considered, you may do so through the adoption applications online.  Blossom will be ready for adoption in another 4-5 weeks after her pups are weaned and she has been spayed.  Blossom is approximately 3 years young, and her approximate weight is 60 lbs.

**Please note: Puppies are not adopted on a first-come, first-served basis — they are considered for adoption into the BEST homes available.  This means you are ready for at least a 10-14 year commitment, training, medical, food, exercise, no apartment/condo living (Boxers need yards and lots of exercise). Please only apply if you meet these requirements/commitments.  Please also read our adoption process requirements before applying.  For more info on her pups, you MUST submit an adoption application before setting up a meet-and-greet – no exceptions.

Blossom tends to be a bit protective of her pups and her people at first (she gives a low warning growl), but with slow and proper introductions (aka bring lots of doggie treats!), Blossom will quickly become your best friend and will trust you to get close to her and all she protects!