Daphne is a gorgeous Pit Bull/Boxer mix who came to us from a rescuer in San Pedro, California, after being pulled from a home where she was crated for several hours a day.  She’s young, good with dogs, older kids (teens and older), and everyone she meets!  Very playful and has lots of energy, so she’d be best in an active home or with another young dog to play with and burn some of that puppy energy she has!  She has already been spayed and completed her medical intake exam.  Contact “info@lastchanceatlife.org” for more info and submit your application online from our website.

Update June 2017:  After having Daphne in our care for several months, we had a volunteer who desired to take Daphne home to foster.  While she did great in their home, we didn’t realize that Daphne was in pain, and when the foster went to pick her up, she snapped at his face.  We weren’t sure if it was because she was startled or what, as she had never exhibited that behavior while in our care, but we immediately had her at our vet for further medical review.  After further review/x-rays/ultrasounds, we learned that Daphne has an early onset of arthritis, and her inflammation has been mostly causing her pain – yet she never showed any signs.  We immediately put her through various medical treatments, including a daily dose of anti-inflammatories, laser therapy, and acupuncture.  After a few weeks of TLC, she was medically cleared and doing MUCH better, and she seemed happy again.

As we do with all of our dogs at LCAL, we then sent her to one of our trainers who specializes in working with dogs who have shown similar behaviors.  He has had her at in-board training for a few weeks, and within the first two weeks he reported back that she is an A+ dog, ready for a new home!  She is now fully trained and has completed and passed all of her coursework 😉  Since she did not do well with all the stress at our adoption center, the trainer has offered to continue to board her at his center in Del Mar until we can find her a foster or forever home.  Her adoption will require the individual (or individuals) to attend a couple (3) training sessions with the trainer in Del Mar so that he can teach you what she’s learned and make sure it’s a good fit.  (No additional fees – all paid for by LCAL rescue).  All of her handlers at the training center have fallen madly in love with her and have asked if they could hold onto her until the right family comes along.   While at our adoption center, she quickly became a volunteer favorite, which tells you how lovable and special she is!

Check out her new video to watch Daphne in training class at Markim Pet Resort!  She’s a superstar!   She also had a recent television debut on KUSI News “Good Morning San Diego” pet segment!

Special thanks to Salem at Markim Pet Resort in Carmel Valley for helping us!   Looking to board your pets or get training?  Please check out Markim Pet Resort — it’s a beautiful property with very skilled, knowledgable and kind staff!

Contact “info@lastchanceatlife.org” for more info and to discuss meeting Daphne at the training facility (pet resort)!





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