Interested in adding a sweet little Yorkie to your family?  Dolly was in our care back in 2012 and has enjoyed a wonderful life with her adoptive mom for the past 5 years.  Dolly was recently diagnosed with diabetes but is doing amazing now and is stable on insulin injections every 12 hours. Her diabetes was too much for her adoptive mom to handle medically so she came back to our care.  We ALWAYS take back any pet that was adopted from us no matter the reason.  She is SUCH an easy keeper and you could not find a better patient. She will literally bow her head for you to give the injections.  She is about 10 years old and loves all people and the other dogs we have introduced her to.  Currently in a foster home with two other dogs.  The monthly cost of insulin for her is between $40 and $50/month.  Interested in meeting this little lady?  Complete the adoption application on our website and we will set up a time!