Latte is a petite little light fawn Boxer who came to us through San Diego Humane Society.  She was taken in to SDHS with what was described as a 5-lb mass on her forehead area.  The wonderful veterinary staff at SDHS removed the mass, and she is now a part of the LCAL family while she awaits a forever home.  Latte is good with dogs and all people and children, and she has been very friendly with everyone during her short stay with us thus far!  She is approximately 5 years young.  Update 5/1/2016:  **Latte has recently developed another tumor (this one appeared on her leg).  We sent in biopsies/cytology for those masses and re-tested the area on her head, and we have just learned that the mass on her forehead area is malignant.  🙁  We are not sure how much time she will have left — could be months, could be even longer than a year or two — so she is now considered a “hospice” adoption or foster for LCAL.  Our hearts are broken for her — we have all fallen in love with her.  She would still love a home to live in and enjoy the remainder of her time, and we’d love nothing more than to have her in a home than living out her time in a kennel environment.  Contact our AC for more info. ( Latte D3X 8886 Latte Photo With Tumor