Lisa was brought to our group by a kind woman who found she and her mom running the streets of LA as stray dogs. The owe their lives to her and so their story begins with us.
Lisa and her mom were terrified of everything. Lisa spent her days cowering under a dog bed for the first several weeks at a boarding kennel while we completed all the things they needed done medically.  She is healthy and has spent the last year or more in a foster home learning how to be a dog.  She now knows love, a warm bed, good food and that other dogs and people CAN be her friend.  Her foster mom says……
“Lisa is a joyful sprite of a thing. Her heart is bounding with joy and she gets along well with other dogs. Her forever family will be one with the patience to be willing to love her from afar while they continue to help her learn human interaction can be trusted. Her hyper awareness of her surroundings means her people will need to offer hyper awareness of her sensitivities when out of home. Some days she can have an absolute blast at the dog park and others days she can be terrified. But she’s got a sparkle worth knowing. Could you be her people?”
(Photos of are of Lisa with her mom, Marisol, who was recently adopted.  Lisa is the longer-hair terrier mix in the photos)