Meet Serra, the newest LCAL recruit. She is an 8 year old, spayed, 52 lb., Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler. Her owner has passed away and she found herself at risk of euthanasia due to her medical needs. LCAL to the rescue! We obtained her vet records and saw she has been treated for chronic allergy skin disease. Upon further medical examination, more concerns were noted:
1. Severe dental disease with excessive wear of all her incisors and lower canines.
2. Chronic allergies, severe. Skin infection.
3. Chronic, severe otitis externa. Ear infections with thickened markedly narrowed and diseased ear canals which will be difficult to resolve without surgical intervention.
4. Right hind leg lameness, occasionally non-weight bearing.
5. Skin mass over left hock.
6. Arthritis.
7. Proteinuria with low urine concentration, suspect early renal disease.
We are able to help dogs like Serra because of the generous adopters and people who donate to our cause Are you interested in donating to Serra?  Submit your online adoption application at

Notes from volunteers who are getting to know Serra:    Serra is a very sweet dog. We have only gotten great information about her behavior and seen for ourselves that she is a very well-mannered dog. Reportedly her favorite things are: being outside, her squeaky squirrel toy, going on walks, going to the Dog Park, and peanut butter.