Sky is a young Husky mix who is a recent return to our rescue after his family learned they had to move and could not take Sky to their new home.  While it is our TOP priority to find adoptive homes who would never give up on our animals, we understand that life situations happen, and we ALWAYS take our animals back regardless of how much time has passed or regardless of the reason.  Sky came to us in January of 2016 when her family learned that she needed surgical repair of a hiatal hernia that developed due to a congenital deformation.  Essentially this hole creates a situation where it’s hard for her to recirculate oxygen as quickly as she needs to, so we sent her to a specialist in Los Angeles to complete the surgical repair in January 2016.  At that time she was only approximately 8-9 months young.  She is now two years young, and she is doing great!  She does wheeze in her breathing, sometimes coughs, and she also needs a less-stringent exercise regimen.  She likes to run and play with other dogs, but she will self-regulate when she can’t get enough oxygen, and she’ll just lay down and wait …. rest .. then pick up where she left off.  She is crate trained, needs a little leash work, and is housebroken.  She lived in a home with another dog and grade-school-aged children and teens.  Looking to adopt this gorgeous girl?  Submit your online application to set up a meet-and-greet with our adoption coordinators!