Stein came to us from the Dept of Animal Services in Bonita. He was turned in by his previous owner because he chased a chicken when he was 6 months old and then they tied him up for the next year and decided they did not want him anymore.  Yes… a 6 month old puppy that spent a year on a chain and then was brought in to the shelter to be euthanized. He was terrified and had no social skills before coming to us but he has made amazing strides in a wonderful foster home for the last several months with another of our adoptable dogs Lacie.  Lacie is his “emotional support champion” and has shown him how to be a dog.  Stein has also been evaluated by a behaviorist/trainer at Markim Pet Resort in Del Mar, and … due to how he was treated by his original owners, he will need a few months of training/guidance and confidence-building in a stable and loving environment.  Below are some notes from his foster family…..
“Stein came into our house as a shy, timid and solitary animal. Interaction with us was minimal, but he was super sweet when he did come to you. As the days and weeks went by, he began to play with our other Doberman. Every morning begins with a brief play with spins and bounces, and the length of play increases week by week. He is extremely sociable with other dogs and very well behaved in their company in the house and also out in public. Great leash behavior, crate trained and well house trained. He still has his moments; the dishwasher is his demon (it’s difficult to believe how frightening it can be for him) and sharp sudden actions can give him quite a fright. The ideal household for Stein would be a calm environment, ideally with another dog. It would be recommended to keep Stein on leash in public, as an unexpected scare can make him bolt with unbelievable speed.”
Stein is approximately 2 years old, and he is small in stature for a Doberman/blend … weighing approximately 45 to 50 pounds.  He is currently fostered with LCAL’s other Dobie “Lacie,” and thriving!