Breed:  German Shepherd mix
Age: 3 years
Size: 55 lbs (but needs to gain a bit of weight)
Health: Congenital heart issue & plaques on eyes, spayed

Ideal Match: Any family that will provide boundaries, plenty of activity, and love


Queena has been thriving in a foster home. She had some stomach issues resolve and has since been a happy, energetic dog. James Brown’s “I Feel Good” is the perfect song for her. 🙂

Queena understands the “sit” command in Spanish. We are working on the English version. 🙂 She enjoys taking high school Spanish class in her foster home with her foster sister. When the teacher greets the kids in Spanish, Queena wags her tail and moves to the computer.

Based on Queena’s surrender questionnaire, she is good with all dogs, good with kids (was around kids ages 3, 9 and 12), and is house-trained. She does not like cats or car rides (she gets car sick and took Dramamine for longer rides with her former family).

Queena has a congenital heart issue and has plaques on her eyes. These are stable conditions originally identified when her last owner found her a couple of years ago.