Breed: Military Macaw
Age: 10-20 years
Health: Good health

Ideal Home: An experienced bird owner who understands Macaws and wants one to love!


Meet Radar! Radar is a Military macaw. He came to the Last Chance at Life Animal Rescue from the San Diego Humane Society where he was taken in from a foster who could no longer care for him. Radar is 10-20 years old, and in good health. He is not tame but will gently takes treats from your hand. He is curious about people and loves a good conversation.

Radar eats Caitec baked pellet diets and is thriving with this diet along with daily fruits and vegetables. He will need to continue with this food in his new home. Caitec pellets sort of smell like oatmeal cookies. No wonder he loves them!  Radar will need an experienced bird owner who understands macaws. He looks forward to meeting his new owner. Could that person be you or someone you know? Please email info@lastchanceatlife.org for more info or to apply to adopt Radar!

About our bird adoptions:
Our birds all receive a medical exam with an avian veterinarian upon intake to our rescue. They receive blood and fecal testing for chlamydia and other parasites. **(Please note that while we do run typical well animal tests on all our adoptable pets, it is impossible to test for every possible ailment, so an initial quarantine period is recommended for any new pet brought into a home with existing pets).** Any rescued birds with existing medical conditions will also be treated as effectively and humanely as possible by an avian veterinarian.
Many of our birds are housed in foster homes, as this is the least stressful environment, and allows each bird to receive individual care and attention.
Upon adoption, each bird receives a free exit exam with an avian veterinarian, which the new owner will attend and have the chance to ask any questions they may have for the vet regarding their new bird.
We do have a minimum donation amount for our birds (though some folks wish to donate more than the minimum, for which we and our rescued pets are eternally grateful). Minimum donation amount varies by size as follows:

Small birds (parakeets, finches, etc) – $50
Medium birds (conures, etc) – $200
Large birds/parrots (african greys, macaws, etc) – $400

100% of each adoption donation goes toward the housing and medical care of the pets in our care. We specialize in taking in special needs cases, be it behavioral or medical. Our rescue travels to various shelters in San Diego County and beyond to pull animals from kill lists who are truly in need. We treat their medical conditions, house them and give them love and affection until they find their new homes. For many of the pets in our care, we truly are their Last Chance At Life. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!