Ray and Charles

Breed:  Lab-Pittie mix
Age: 3 years
Size: 65-70 lbs
Health: Healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: Anyone looking to add a loving, bonded pair to the family


Ray and Charles are best buddies looking for their furever home together. They promise to bring double the love and double the fun!

Both are very sweet and very friendly dogs. They walk well on the leash but will need continued training to curb some tendencies to pull. Ray likes to jog and Charles likes to run. Neither are very interested in fetch or toys – food, walks or snuggles are preferred. Both are big, strong dogs who seem to think they are lap dogs, so they will need training and boundaries to help them be the best dogs they can be.

We originally thought with confidence building and training these two could maybe be separated, but it has become clear with some time in our care that they are a matched set!

We took in Ray and Charles from Bakersfield Animal Center. They believe the two are brothers, as they look a lot alike, just different colors. Ray and Charles were each tested separately with dogs there and they did great.

Here is the video that convinced us to bring these two loves in. Hopefully it will convince someone who sees it to take one or both home. 🙂