Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 4.5 years
Size:  80 lbs
Health: Spayed, on Proin for spay incontinence​

Ideal Match: A home with a yard and people who love lots of doggy loving!


If you don’t fall for Rosie as soon as you see her soft floppy ears, once she greets you with her paw and some kisses, you won’t be able to resist. Rosie is a big, sweet, lovable girl who loves chilling with her family and putting her head on your lap. Whether she’s sprawling on the floor or sitting elegantly in her doggie bed with her paws crossed, you’ll see that those soulful eyes are begging for a forever home.  

Rosie is house trained and knows basic commands, including recognizing her name. She loves walks and although she pulls a bit and could use some leash training, she will cooperate pretty well. Rosie is quite good off the leash and obeys voice commands in private areas. She really likes to meet and greet other dogs and has never been aggressive. There is not a mean bone in her body and she would likely do well with another dog or pet to keep her company but is also OK just hanging by herself. Rosie will not go easily into her crate, but once there, she will not make a peep. She is a quiet girl but will give a soft bark if she hears strange noises or a coyote in the distance. 

Rosie would do well in a home with a yard where she can enjoy her “zoomies” running laps with her tongue sticking out! She loves rubbing her back on the cool grass, getting her neck scratched, chewing on bones or treats, regular walks, and being with people. She’s not a big fan of water. Are you the one who is going to make her dreams of a comfy home come true?? She’s ready to give you love and companionship!