Breed: Husky Mix
Age:  1 year
Size:  68 lbs
Health: Good, will be spayed prior to adoption

Ideal Match: A calm, patient  household where Sakari will feel safe and be able to adjust to her new surrounding on her own timeline


Sakari is a stunning husky mix who needs some time to adjust to new surroundings. Although she is sensitive to sudden movements and loud noises, she has not shown any reactivity and is gentle and sweet. She likes other dogs and doesn’t seem to react to birds even if they land near her. She likes humans, but wants plenty of time to warm up before being touched. Not all dogs are fans of being petted (although we humans seem to think they should be) and so far, Sakari appears to be one of those dogs.  For her to feel most comfortable, the humans in her life will respect her preference for space at first.  

If you have patience and understanding of shy dogs, Sakari would be a wonderful addition to your home. As she gets settled she may be more tolerant of noise and activity, but in the beginning, a low activity, calm home would give her an opportunity to trust and thrive. As a result, if there are to be children in her adoptive home, we recommend they be 13 yrs of age or older. 

We will update her profile as we get to know her better