Breed: Pug
Age: 12 weeks
Size: Small breed
Health: recovering from enucleation

Stevie has been recovering in her foster home… and her foster mom has decided to make Stevie an official part of her family once Stevie is medically cleared for adoption.


Meet Stevie!!

Late one night in early April, LCAL was asked to add a 12-week-old pug puppy to our roster. She had been brought into VCA Mission Animal and Bird Hospital with injuries to both eyes requiring enucleation (removal of the eyes). Her owners did not have the funds and she needed help.

It was going to be very costly and we weren’t positive at the time that there weren’t other injuries which had yet to be discovered. She was pale, in shock, and in pain.

We put our heads together and with some awesome assistance from the VCA and the veterinarians there, we said yes and the work began to stabilize this little one and do what needed to be done for her.

She made it through surgery and felt well enough to eat the following morning.