Boy (Bear)

We call them The Wasco Six.  It started when the LCAL board members received a text from a long-time dedicated volunteer talking about dogs being euthanized due to space at the Wasco Animal Shelter.  Our volunteer heard about the plight of these dogs from a friend of hers far away in Colorado.  Her friend had seen a FB post about a dog named Boy scheduled to be euthanized the next day and desperately wanted to adopt him.  Since she was unable to drive to California that day, she immediately asked for help from her friend, our LCAL volunteer.

Border Collie Mix adopt today


There was not much time, we had less than 24 hours to decide and act.  Honestly, the first question was where in the heck is Wasco.  We checked out the website and looked at the dogs.  We got on the FB pages hosted by Wasco volunteers and asked questions about the dogs and watched what videos we could find.  It wasn’t just Boy that was scheduled to be euthanized there were 5 other dogs on the list, all appearing to be medically and behaviorally sound.

German Shepherd Female adopt


We had to act quickly as we were not yet an approved rescue partner.  We worked together to fill out the paperwork and obtain the necessary references and were approved within 24 hours. We were in constant contact with the shelter manager to let him know we were coming.    An amazingly generous donor offered to pay for a U-Haul van for transport, two other volunteers outfitted the van with 6 crates and a fan, and then two volunteers offered to spend their entire Saturday to drive the 560 miles round trip in the summer heat.  The dogs did amazingly well during the trip back, getting a couple of stops along the way to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.

Doberman Pinscher Rescue


The U-Haul arrived back at our adoption center in Oceanside late in the evening.  Volunteers were there to help unload, walk the dogs a bit and get them settled in. Now just 4 days after we got the text message, the Wasco Six (Boy, Petey, Boe, Kimmy, Trice and Ziggy) were a part of the LCAL family.  It was truly a team effort by everyone.  Kudos to the Wasco Animal Shelter for holding the dogs for us an extra 2 days and staying late on that Saturday to make this happen.

German Shepherd Hound Mix Rescue


Where are they now?  Boy (the dog that started all this) is living the good life in Colorado.  Trice and Boe are both with great families in Oceanside.  Petey (now Malcolm) lives in LA with his parents and Instagram famous brother Angus.  Kimmy is being fostered by a wonderful couple until her furever home comes along.  Ziggy is the last of the six.  He is an amazing boy and has been through quite a bit medically while with us but is now ready to find his family.   He is our featured adoptable so please check Ziggy out and help us find him a great home!


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