Breed: Lab mix
Age: 16 years
Size: Large
Health: Hospice foster

Not Available for Adoption

Her Story:

Freedom ride AKA nap time!

In February 2019, 15-year-old Tota found herself at Rancho Chucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center after her owner passed away.

We let our volunteers know we were interested in giving Tota a soft landing for whatever days she has left, and one of our foster families offered to bring her home. A week later, Tota curled up on a pink blanket in her foster mom’s car during her freedom ride away from shelter life.

From her foster mama:

Oh, Tota (aka Tota Bean, Tota Bear, Tota Tot)! After going through the below photos of her, you may notice a theme. Tota LOVES her bed and her blankies.

It took a little while for everyone to become acclimated and warm up to one another, but this old girl will forever hold a special place in our hearts. She can barely hear, she can barely see, and it’s painful to watch her get up—those old bones of hers are beginning to treat her unkindly. But this girl’s got so much soul left in her. She is a sweet girl who loves people as much as she loves her fur siblings, Dusty and Peanut. We truly believe having Dusty and Peanut in her life has renewed her spirit. Despite their somewhat rocky beginning, Tota LOVES Peanut. We think Tota was probably a spunky gal in her younger years, because she tries her best to “catch” Peanut when she’s trotting around the house. When it’s nap time though (which, let’s face it, it’s ALWAYS nap time), you’ll often find Tota and Dusty curled up next to one another. We are so blessed to have spent as much time as we have with Tota. She will live the rest of her life being spoiled rotten, surrounded by tons of love and snuggles, and given ear scratches upon demand. 🙂