Breed: Jack Russell Mix
Age: 1 year
Size:  11 lbs
Health: Healthy, spayed

Ideal Match: Someone looking for an active, young dog with a lot of love to give!

Trixie is a fun, quirky little girl! One minute she is running around the yard playful as can be, and the next minute she wants to snuggle up with you, content to watch the world go by. Trixie is extremely athletic and can definitely be trained as an agility dog if that’s your hobby. Otherwise she can be highly entertaining for a young family with older children, or an active adult family that wants to train her and keep her brain and body active. Trixie does very well with other dogs of all sizes. We are not sure how she is with cats, but her behavior does not suggest strong prey drive. Trixie can be unsure of new situations and may growl at first if she feels uncomfortable. She will need slow introductions and we do not recommend taking her to overstimulating areas (like crowded festivals and dog parks) until she gains more confidence.