To “foster” means “to give parental care to” or “to promote the growth or development of”, according to Merriam-Webster.  For a rescue organization, having someone able to foster means the difference between saying “yes” or “no” to a dog in need.  For that dog in need, having a foster can mean the difference between life and death.

While LCAL is fortunate to have a physical location – our Adoption Center located at 3308 Mission Ave in Oceanside – to help house our dogs, fosters are critical to our operations for several reasons.  Sometimes, we are asked to take in a dog that has special needs and the only way that animal can be properly cared for is in a foster home.  Those needs may be medical, behavioral or it may be an age-related issue – i.e., a young puppy or an older senior.  At other times, we may have a dog at the kennel who we notice is struggling being in that setting or who has certain behaviors that need worked on before they would easily adopted.  And of course, for every dog we are able to place in a foster home, we can bring another one into the kennel which means another dog is saved.

Fostering allows us to learn so much more about a dog since they get the chance to live in a home with humans and sometimes with other animals.  We can work on teaching good manners and how to be a dog in a human world.  This can be a tremendous help when it comes time for that dog to be adopted.  Nothing warms the heart any more than to see a dog go into his/her forever home and know that you had a role to play in helping that happen.

As LCAL’s foster coordinator, Karen Welborne reviews new foster applications, matches interested fosters with the appropriate dog, educates the foster in that individual dog’s needs, and ensures they have the needed food, medications, and supplies for their foster dog.  When asked how many of our dogs are fostered versus stay at the kennel, she estimates between 40-50%.  “Do you think LCAL has enough fosters?” we ask. “Absolutely not!” she replies. “We can always use more fosters”.

So, if you are looking for a way to help and think you might want to give fostering a try, fill out a foster application and let’s get you started…… See Application >>