DSC 1616 In the early 2000s, animal lover and advocate Lisa Hamilton founded a small rescue called “Boxers ‘N Birds Rescue.”  Being the hospital administrator for North County’s premier veterinary hospital, she would often come into contact with people surrendering their pets for various medical reasons.  Having a strong fondness for exotic birds and the Boxer breed, she would often take these surrenders into her own care, get them fixed up with whatever medical repairs were needed, and she’d find them new forever homes – hence the name “Boxers ‘N Birds.”

Over the years as the rescue grew larger with volunteers, the number of animals being saved from year to year also grew, and the rescue was formed into 501(c)3 nonprofit (GuideStar Verified) and changed its name to “Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue & Adoptions.”  Our emphasis is on rescuing Boxers, but we now take in canines of all breeds and birds, and we save and find homes for anywhere between 150 to 170 animals each year.  We have an adoption center/kennel facility in Oceanside, which has the capability to house up to 14 large-breed dogs and 6-8 small-breed dogs, with indoor and outdoor runs for daytime/nighttime, and the facility is staffed 3-4 times a day, 365 days a year.  Birds are housed either in foster homes or at the aviary at Mission Animal & Bird Hospital, just a few blocks away from our adoption center.  Many of our dogs and birds are in foster homes, as that is our first priority and preferred housing for all of our animals while they await adoption into their forever homes.  Canines needing to recover from medical procedures or waiting to meet foster families are housed at our adoption center until they are adopted or have moved into a foster home.  While there, they are cared for throughout the day by our team of amazing volunteers.

Our Mission:
LCAL’s two main criteria when considering the animals to bring into our care are as follows:

  1. Animals needing medical attention.  Aside from the normal spay/neuter/vaccines/etc., we consider animals with more serious needs, such as traumas, skin diseases, orthopedic injuries, autoimmune disorders, cancer, respiratory conditions, ophthalmic disease/injury, cardiology issues, and the like.
  2. Animals within San Diego County shelters that are in need of medical attention or are facing humane euthanasia due to space or minor behavioral/training issues.

DSC 0106 (4) Our focus is MEDICAL, LOCAL, and we take animals of all ages, including seniors.  We do not scout or transport puppies from outside the county or the state in order to boost our “inventory.”  If there are puppies in our rescue, they were either BORN in our care due to us saving a pregnant animal, or they were abandoned/orphaned, facing euthanasia at a shelter, and/or needing medical attention.  We help the animals that are overlooked — the older, the broken, the not-so-popular — we fix them medically, we nurture for behaviors, and we seek out the most special forever homes for them. There are MANY rescues who help the cute puppies — who doesn’t love a cute puppy?  But we believe that all animals matter, and we pick up the ones left behind after the cute puppies have all left the shelter.  That is why we truly are their LAST CHANCE AT LIFE.




Board of Directors:     

Lisa Hamilton – President & Founder

Jen Stahl – Vice President

Robbin Muller – Treasurer

Karen Welborne – Secretary

Ray Corvan – Sgt. at Arms




“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that ONE animal.”