Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 12 years
Size: 9 lbs
Health: Neutered, medical intake pending

Ziggy is a 12 year old Chihuahua with a ton of personality! When we first got the call about Ziggy, we were anticipating a senior chihuahua with very little left to give and what we got was the complete opposite. Ziggy was scared and quite shaky when he first met our Kennel Supervisor. Even though he was scared he was an absolute gentleman and let her pick him up and give him pets without a fuss.

Ziggy started coming out of his shell almost immediately once we arrived back at the rescue. Upon being given a big, cozy bed next to our kennel supervisor desk he began nuzzling his head and getting very excited. When he met two other small chihuahuas, he did incredible and absolutely would be described as dog friendly. When he went in the car he enjoyed it and only cried a little.

Ziggy would be the perfect addition to any family especially one that is looking to give a senior dog the best years of his life! Ziggy has only one tooth but it doesn’t stop him from eating and he is quite an active pup, especially for his age!

Ziggy appears to be potty-trained and neutered. We will update his bio as we get to know him better but honestly if you are looking for a well-mannered, silly, small breed dog! Ziggy is your man.