Breed: Pittie
Age:  2 years
Sex:  Male
Size:  45 lbs
Health: Good

Ideal Match: A calm, patient and loving household where Georgie can grow into a confident, secure friend to his adopters


Georgie is a two year old Pitbull Terrier who is incredibly gentle, sweet, loving, playful, energetic and curious. He was dog tested here at LCAL with Deeker (who is also one of our available dogs) and did well during the walk.

As with any young dog, Georgie loves to chew so we provide him with appropriate toys for this drive. He is high energy but is pretty good at keeping himself entertained if needs be. He likes to lick your face, cuddle and be close, and also loves his naps. Georgie is a great companion dog as he wants to go wherever you’re going and be by your side as much as possible and is happy watching the scenery go by during car rides.

Georgie seems to be fully potty trained. He is well behaved in his crate, no struggle to go inside and no whining or barking while inside for the night. He is excited and friendly with other people who greet him during his walks.  He knows ‘sit’ and has good recall when he’s focused. He is very motivated by food, eats well, takes his pills like a champ (with a healthy coating of peanut butter on them), sleeps through the night, and get this: he likes CELERY, of all things!