Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Age: 8 weeks
Size: Large breed
Health: Healthy, to be spayed

Not Yet Available for Adoption, No Applications Accepted

Her Story:

A pregnant young Doberman, Prim, came to us as a stray after getting hit by a car and needing medical treatment for her wounds (no  fractures, fortunately). She went directly into foster for healing, and a week later she gave birth to three puppies. Two male puppies crossed the rainbow bridge early in their young lives. Fly free, sweet Figaro and Galileo. A third female puppy, Maggie (Magnifico), is in foster with her mom and still nursing. She is already adopted, but will remain in foster until she is 12 weeks old.

Maggie is a big girl – 17 lbs at only 8 weeks old. She will grow to be a large doberman. She likes to play and likes to snuggle. She will be a high energy dog who will need daily activity and consistent boundaries in order to be the best dog she can be.

 She may have some developmental delays and will be going to an ophthalmologist soon to check her vision.