Upcoming Events


First Saturday each month, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Vista Farmers Market | 325 S Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081

We host an adoption event every month at the Vista Farmers Market. This is a great outdoor venue to stop by and meet our event-friendly adoptable animals seeking forever homes. If there is a dog you want to meet in person at one of our events, please email info@lastchanceatlife.org to inquire if that dog will be AT the event. We rely on volunteers to drive to/from and handle the dog for the event, and sometimes we just don’t have enough “hands” for all the dogs. So if there’s someone in particular you want to meet in person, be sure to inquire ahead of time so we can have a volunteer bring that dog. Please understand that some dogs do not show well in these types of adoption events—too many unfamiliar noises and smells are too stressful for them, and we will not put them through that. In those instances, you can set up an appointment for a one-on-one meet-and-greet at our adoption center—just email the adoption coordinators at info@lastchanceatlife.org.



LCAL Orientations are currently held via Zoom on the first Sunday of every month if we have sufficient RSVPs. If not, we send a pre-recorded orientation.

The volunteer orientation allows those interested in volunteering to learn about our operation and how we work as a team to keep all the animals (and humans) safe and happy! Once you attend an orientation, you will be guided to help us either at the thrift store, for a weekly dog walker shift, or on one of our volunteer teams (home checks, events, etc.).

The basic orientation lasts from 1–2 p.m. If you want to become a dog walker, or otherwise handle our dogs, you must also stay for the dog-handling orientation from 2–3 p.m.

Dog handlers will then require 2–4 trainings to ensure your comfort and readiness before taking on a walking shift. If you want to be a foster, an advocate, or just come play with a dog, it is important you attend orientation. You will learn how to handle some of the special dogs, and learn about our processes and communications and where to obtain information and help. It is important to us that the dogs are well taken care of and everyone stays on the same page and that our team is consistent in their practices.

Please submit a volunteer application from the Volunteer tab on this website if you’d like to join the LCAL team! We’d love to have you!

For next orientation dates, please submit a volunteer application if you haven’t already. If you have any questions about volunteering, please send an email to jamie@lastchanceatlife.org.