Monique was brought to us by a Good Samaritan after she was found, standing in the middle of a busy street.  She was taken to a local animal shelter and was so matted, had overgrown toenails, and was covered with embedded foxtail stickers all over her body, in her ears, and between her toes! Her condition was so bad, she was unable to walk.    Our friends at the shelter shaved her down, cleaned her ears and get her to us right away for continued medical care.  She quickly broke with pneumonia, ear infections, and had sores all over her body from the stickers.  But Monique was one of THE SWEETEST, most loving dogs we have ever met!  She has recovered from her pneumonia, her infections are all cleared, and she’s spending time in a wonderful foster home and learning what it’s like to be loved.  She is approximately 6 years old, shy at first but very loving.  She is scheduled to be spayed and is ready for her new forever home!  Interested in adopting sweet Monique?  Submit your dog adoption application from our website, and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you t set up a meet-and-greet!