Presley is a 10-year old (acts like a 5-year-old) super cute and fluffy Brussels Griffon mix who came to us from Animal Friends of the Valleys shelter in October.  He had some minor medical things to take care of, including a benign tumor that was hanging from his rear end area.  He has recently been neutered and has moved into a foster home while he awaits his forever home.  Presley LOVES all dogs (big and small) and just wants to play and be part of the pack!  He’s in a home with a cat right now, but we are getting reports that he likes to chase the cat, so … he may be best in a home without cats.  He brings a smile to everyone’s face!  We’d love to see him in a home with someone who can spend time with him or with other dogs to keep him company!  After all, he’s a socialite, you know!  😉    Check out his Best Day Ever video debut to see how he his social skills are when being chauffeured around town!  And if you like to do SUP boarding, Presley is a natural!