This cute little scruff-meister came to us from the Carlsbad shelter in mid December after finding himself there as an unclaimed stray, and then when shelter medical staff realized he had a heart murmur, they called upon LCAL to assist, knowing he would not be a candidate for public adoption.  Since we take on the medical cases as a top priority, Walter was immediately accepted into our care, and he was immediately seen by our cardiologist.  Sadly, not only did we learn that Walter has a heart murmur, but his condition is so advanced that he is now in congestive heart failure with a severely shortened lifespan — possibly a few months to a year left to live before his heart shuts down.   We at LCAL will do everything medically possible for Walter to help him live a comfortable and pain-free remainder of his time here.  He is good with other dogs, all people, and just the sweetest little guy!  For these medical reasons, he will be a hospice foster or permanent adoption.  We would love to get him into a home environment to spend the rest of his time, surrounded by love and leisure!  Is that with you?   Contact for more info.  If you are interested in fostering, we will cover all of his medical and food costs during his time with you.  You can reach out to our foster coordinator at “” if interested.

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